The core of "Do It Now" is Paul Richmond Beat Poet Laureate, Tony Vacca innovative American percussionist with Jazz and World Music, John Sheldon “One of the great guitarists of our time.” Do it Now, combines poetry, story-telling, political commentary and musical improvisation to share the vision and hope to rescue our planet. 
Now is the time, 
"Do It Now"
John Sheldon is in his 50th year of writing songs, composing music and performing his unique style of electric and acoustic guitars. Performing credits include a stint when he was 17 as the lead guitarist for VAN MORRISON, songwriter for JAMES TAYLOR, a member of the Sixties’ psychedelic jazz rock band THE BEAD GAME (whose drummer was JIM HODDER, later of STEELY DAN), and touring with LINDA RONSTADT and JAMES TAYLOR.
Tony Vacca has become a true “rhythm nomad,” incorporating a world of percussion music and instruments to create something… all his own. Over  the course of his career he has made a habit of pushing the already  adventurous conventions of World Music into new territory, both as a  soloist and as the leader of his World Rhythms Ensemble. Twenty-one  trips to West Africa have contributed to his unique approach and to his  depth of knowledge regarding African and American musical traditions. Tony Vacca has recorded and performed with such a wide range of musicians such as Sting, Senegalese Afro-pop artist Baaba Maal, Jazz trumpeter Don Cherry, poet Abiodun Oyewole, Senegalese Hip-Hop artists Gokh-bi System, and Massamba Diop.
Paul Richmond, National Beat Poetry Foundation, Inc. named Paul Richmond Beat Poet Laureate three times; Massachusetts 2017 to 2019, U S National Beat Poet Laureate 2019 - 2020. New Generation Beat Poet Laureate 2020 - Lifetime. Paul is best described as political, deadpan and wryly humorous delivered in his own style. He has been called, “Assassin of Apathy – power of words / humor - on the unthinkable, the unsolvable, to analyze to digest to give birth to creativity and hope.”He has performed nationally and internationally: The Austin International Poetry Festival, in Austin TX,  four years, a feature Poet 2018. A featured poets at Gödör Klubban at the Jazzköltexzeti est in Budapest, Hungary. A featured poet at Beat Festival Stockholm, Sweden. Edinburgh Fringe Festival Scotland 2018, performed 12 shows with Do It Now. At the Massachusetts Poetry Festival part of a featured anthology. Featured Poet at West End Poetry Festival NC. A featured poets in the movie “Trash” by Bucky Jones, all the “dialog” was poetry. Featured Poet 2017 -2020 at the National Beat Poetry Festival. 2020 Performed several times in Senegal, Africa with the Senegal – American project to name a few
Do it Now won the Miller Aud-Cast contest
In April, celebrating Poetry Month we did a Benefit Concert for the Shea Theater.
"Do It Now" changes personnel, the core being Paul Richmond, Spoken Word and Tony Vacca on balafon, percussion and donso ngoni, John Sheldon on guitar.  this set is Avery Sharpe on acoustic bass and Paul and Tony. For the last piece they are joined by Charles Langford on saxophone and Derrik Jordan on percussion.

Talented performers coming together to inspire
What these guys do is the perfect industrial - strength elixir for our tumultuous times.

Performing in Senegal with the Senegal - American Project

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