"Do It Now" opposes and defies the instructions that exhort us to (obediently) follow (institutionally defined) conventions. This (truly subversive) performance of music and words is one we cannot find anywhere else. When Paul tells stories that only Paul can tell, he gives us courage and proof of our survival. All the while, entertaining us! Fantastic!  Rosie McMahan​​​​​​​
"These cats are keeping it real and know how to groove"
Director of Jazz Programs & Bands at  Northfield Mount Hermon
Ronald R. Smith

Review from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 

"Do It Now has a great scene going. the musicians are fantastic, Paul Richmond's timing with his stories are spot on. Everyone has a great stage presence as well. the stories and raps draw you in. the volume is just right - you all are not trying to blow our ears out and so we can hear the crafted words. you guys are creative, genuine, and entertaining. good going. don't miss them if you get a chance, glad i went". TP​​​​​​​
"Paul, I can't tell you how much I dig (and envy) what you're doing with the musicians. Vacca is a monster. Your spare language and deadpan delivery are perfect, a very fresh and engaging setting for the ideas. Your wit is wonderfully elastic. Your less-is-more approach with one idea seamlessly morphing into another really resonates with the introduction of the music. I know its sort of been done before but the musical setting you have introduced suggests an almost infinite potential and possibility for a wider audience, instructive and entertaining at the same time. Kudos." Carlo Parcelli
"Such an amazing performance! I feel blessed for having had the tremendous fortune being there that evening! Paul Richmond and all the musicians... Poetry like this, music..."silvia kaplan 
"It was stupendous"
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